LetsGreenify (previously known as eNursery), founded in November 2011, is a web platform which provides online presence(websites) for plant nurseries, gardeners, pot makers & landscapers.

It provides an opportunity for plant nursery owners & pot makers to showcase and sell their products, to the customers across the country, by utilizing the power of web. Landscapers, gardeners, pot makers & service providers can utilize this platform to showcase their service to any customer located in any part of the world. Thus, taking business to the next level.

Customers, Garden enthusiasts and hobbyists can benefit from this platform as they don't have to look around for gardening service or landscaping service or their favorite plant(s) as LetsGreenify brings all the nurseries, gardens, landsacping service providers & pot makers under one roof.

Many have already utilized this opportunity (Check our clients list) and have taken their business to the new levels.

If you own a plant nursery, a garden or provide gardening & landscaping service, then here is a chance to take your product or service online. Get started by creating an account for your nursery or garden or service. Click here to register or contact us.